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Super Multi-functional Cooking Machine – ALLDA

ALLDA is a multifunctional cooker that combines into one the functions of 12 cooking utensils required in the kitchen.

It is a new-concept cooker maximizing a user’s convenience by enabling one to cook any kind of dish in a simple and quick usage.

: Scale, Timer, Mixer, Juicer, Mincer, Kneader, Blender, Grinder, Slow cooker, Whipping machine, Hot Cooker and Steamer

1) 12 cooking devices integrated into one, so you can save time and energy by reducing the cooking time and process.

2) Easy-to-use operation, so even beginners can easily cook.

3) Cook healthy and delicious dishes without damaging nutrients by precise controlling the temperature and 3D cooking method

4) Gives pleasant kitchen environment by reducing of gas usage.

5) Serve fresh and healthy food for your familyl, every day

– Motor : 40~11,000rpm/Switched Reluctance Motor 
– Heater : 37~120℃ /Thick Film Heater
– Built in Scale : Max 3kg±10g
– Container : 2,500cc
– Power : 220V/50Hz-60Hz/1500W
– Weight : 8.4kg
– Size : 300(W) × 310(D) × 304mm(H)
– Components
     Main body, Steamer, Bowl Lid, Bowl, Measuring Cup
     Cooking Basket, Whisk, Blade, Spatula, Recipe Book 

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