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For you who resembles flowers.
LORINA provides comfort and beauty to the tip of your toes even when you exercise.

Why are all pilates socks uncomfortable at toes?
Do you have any comfortable socks to the sole of your feet?
Why do sports socks have all similar designs?
Can’t I wear more fashionable socks even when I work out?

Now, Lorina starts.
Surprisingly comfortable footpad cushion
Sufficient cushioning reduces foot fatigue
A comfortable footpad cushion with a file structure
Coat sole cushion thickness
Unprecedented refinement and freedom of open-to style

Ease your toes from stuffiness

Slipdown-resistant inner silicone
completely blocks the slide down of your socks during exercise.

Enhanced non-slip function with sufficient footpad silicon
excellently grips your feet during indoor exercise

Self-developed designs registered on the Patent Office
Trendy, Sensible, Functional Fitness Socks


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Tel : +82 269560440
Contact Person : Kim Yeon-Su