Product Details

1. JM Elite Composite Sheet

JM Elite composite sheet is formed of polymer synthetic resin multi-layer and manufactured in the integral type which highly viscous and adhesive agent with great bonding power are integrated on the top of concrete structure and provides stable waterproofing layer. It is low carbon eco-friendly new conceptual product which has very great impact resistance, wear resistance, salt water resistance, responsiveness to behavior, water resistance and chemical resistance

2. JM Elite Multi-Layer Sheet

It is composed of different polyolefin based materials more than 3 kinds (3-layers). Compound incorporated in each layer gives high functionality and thinner product by 20% or above than previous products reduces the discharge of carbon markedly as eco-friendly product. It has been also developed by new concept and new method with a great workability, tensile strength, tearing resistance, elongation and welding ability.

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