Product Details

Specification and Features 
CE approved 
ISO 13485 certified facility 
FDA NDC CODE aquired 
Sizes 40m, 80ml, 150ml, 350ml

packaging detail : 40ML 400EA per carton box 330mm*330mm*520 80ML 126EA per carton box 330*300*520 150ML 90EA per carton box 330*300*520 350ML 72EA per carton box 330*300*520

Dream Eye is a special formulation with HPME and PHMB that cleans the lens better, keeps the lens germ free, removed protein more effectively, lubricates and keeps the lens moist for comfortable re-use.


Dream Eye is a combination of four special agents:

PHMB : A disinfectant and preservation with powerful biocidal efficacy. Keep your lens free of germs and bacteria.

POLPXAMER : A gentle surfactant and cleani8ng agent. Removes protein, dirt and debris from the lens.

HPMC : A lubricant that forms a shield on the lens, retains moisture prevents dryness and lubricates the lens for long lasting eye comfort.

SODIUM PHOSPHATE BUFFER : Keeps solution PH balanced and enhances performance of added electrolytes (Potassium and Sodium chloride) for more natural lens wear.

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Contact Person : Shin Jaemin