Product Details

• Ductility and Elasticity of The Material

    Since it is semi-rigid type, it retains ductility and elasticity after complete hardening.

Excellence in Moldin

    With utilization of polyester materials, molding is easily done, and it is comfortably wearable after a procedure.

Convenience in Cuttin

    No need to use a cast cutter. It is easily removable by a special scissor.

Sufficient Ventilatio

    Since it has excellence in ventilation, it prevents itchiness, odor, skin diseases, and more

Environmental Friendliness

    Since it can be incinerated, no need to worry about environmental contamination.

[Purpose of Using Casting Tape]

– Reduction and Fix of fracture 
– Prevention and Fix of deformation
– Support and Stabilization of joint 
– Effective solution of pain

[Kind of Cast]

– Short arm cast
– Long arm cast
– Hanging arm cast
– Body cast
– Spica cast
– Short leg cast
– Long leg cast
– Cylinder cast
– Foot cast

[Kind of Base material]

– Plaster of Paris
– Fiber glass
– Polyester

[Products Details]

Item No WidthSize  Packing / Carton
L4624 2″ 2″ x 4y (5cm x 360cm) 10 Rolls / Box 10 Boxes / Carton
L4634 3″ 3″ x 4y (7.5cm x 360cm)
L4644 4″ 4″ x 4y (10cm x 360cm)
L4654 5″ 5″ x 4y (12.5cm x 360cm)

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