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  • Product Summary

 The amount of electricity we use rise up rapidly whenever we use electric appliances. Sudden increase of current results in consuming unnecessary electricitypower dissipation of wire, and shortening the lifespan of electric appliances. The worst results, such as fire and black out by trip breaker, occur if current in one wire is over capacity. 

 Energy Saver is an innovative product can lower the amount of electricity needed to maintain stable voltage and reduce the usage of electricity. This is advanced and is considered a hybrid power accumulation system that provides stable electricity. It is used everywhere in the house to increase efficiency of the overall power system.

 Energy Saver, which is produced by the Republic of South Korea, is developed as a compact new design, different from existing products.

  • Product Description – For Domestic “Energy Saver F1”

※ This product stabilizes power in induced current, accumulates leaking electricity, protects electric appliances, and prevents
electrical power system accidents. As a result, the amount of electricity stays on an optimum condition and reduces household or
office power.

Energy Saver F1 improves power system stability.
Energy Saver F1 is necessary in your household and office to save money. 
Electricity naturally makes loss every time you turn on electric appliances through circuits in household or office. 
Energy Saver F1 does not consume any electricity by itself. Just leave it remaining on year long for 24 hours.
Energy Saver F1 is very efficient for A/C, refrigerator, washing machine, Stereo, Fluorescent lamp, electricity pan, TV, etc. 
Energy Saver F1 is possible to be used in 90V~250V, 50Hz~60Hz. You just plug and leave it in to any sockets for installation.

  • Product Functions and Features

– Electricity bill 10% ~ Maximum 30% saved

– Easy installation (plug into any socket)

– Save electric charge by effective energy use

– Abnormal current prevention (current surge phenomenon)

– Stabilize voltage and flow of current

– Standby power prevention

– Perfect standard (Heat resisting property)

– Reduce electrical overheating

– Longer life of electrical appliances

– Electric power quality improvement

– Product can be used semi permanently

– Environmental Preservation (no heat)

– LED mounted for interior design effect

– Innovative design 

  • Principle of Energy Saver


 Principle of saving ( Energy SAVER F1 ) is improving current efficiency of electric appliances. When electricity flows, it generates wave motion, where power loss can occur. In other words, electricity makes a lot of waves and loss until it gets to the summit(250V) of electricity. Leaking electricity means loss of power, which charges more and more in your bill because of usage increase. (Entry voltage 250V – Using Voltage 220V = Loss 30V ) Energy Saver F1 stabilizes to prevent loss of energy as shown above


 The three roles of Energy Saver F1 are stabilizing and improving the efficiency of electricity. This technology is to reduce consuming current  (KWH current per hour), which depends on the amount of electricity used.

 Energy Saver F1 helps working voltage and current flow stay on the optimum condition if necessary.

 Energy Saver F1 saves extra electricity while current is flowing or when lots of appliances are working. So, the unconsumed loss of power or supplied amount of electricity can be reduced by simple installation of Energy Saver F1.

 Energy Saver F1 will not require you to even change your habits in order to save electricity, but it maximizes the possibility for improvement. More than 10 seconds of electricity will be accumulated to do a role of voltage safety device. Even though the electricity use is at the peak, it delivers the accumulated and stable voltage.

 For the above reasons, electric appliances you are using get a longer life.

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