Product Details

VESTA Fascella

Fascia & Cell Therapy System

Redefine Beauty with VESTA

Revives Natural Beauty 

Caters to Facial Refine & Body Definition 

Inatant and Consistent Aesthetic Effects

Non-invasive with Absolue Comfort

Ensures Maximum  Safety with No Spark

VESTA Fascella is a synergistic treatment system of RET RF Diathermy with a variety of Fascia Tools and LF Massage plus Magic Gloves.

Unlike traditional RF Therapy that simply generates heat,

VESTA Fascella provides a simultaneous Fascia & Cell Therapy attributed by the superb combination of RET RF & LF cabability with its optimized modes and electrodes. 

VESTA Fascella restores Vitality to your face and body which induces Natural Beauty and Youth.

Operative Modes

1. RET Radio Frequency

1) Monopolar – Fascia & Circular Electrodes

2) Bipolar

2. Low Frequency – Conductive Gloves &Pads


Model : VESTA Fascella

Frequency : RF 2Mhz / LF 2-160Hz

Input Supply : AC 220V 50/60Hz

Power Consumption : 250VA

Timer : 0 ~ 60 min

Dimension : 407 * 390 * 205 (mm)

Weight : 9 Kg

Standards : KGMP, KFDA

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Company Name : DS MEDI CO.,LTD.
Homepage :
Tel : +82 1039231447
Contact Person : KIM YONGHYUN