Product Details

Hair mask repairs damaged hair and helps nutrients to absorb into it due to the heating effect making it soft, while delicate scent creates the effect of perfume.

* Intensive care for damaged hair with natural steam effect

Heating Complex provides nutrition to the hair making it moisturized and vital. 

* Highly concentrated essence

Contained Amino Acid Complex and Yeast Ferment Extract helps to prevent static electricity taking care of damaged hair.

* Easy at-home-salon-care

– Easy-to-apply hair mask reduced inconvenience of cream-type mask packs.

* Mask pack that allows to do other activities

The essence effectively absorbs into the hair, while the mask is firmly fixed around the head which allows to freely do other activities.

Key Ingredients

* Amino Acid Complex

– The complex of 17 components absorbs into the damage cuticle layer helping to prevent static electricity and hair breakage.

* Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil

– Helps to keep hair moisturized and makes it soft and shiny.

* Yeast Ferment Extract

– Prevents hair dryness and helps to maintain shiny and silky hair.

* Black Therapy

– Increases hair strength and helps maintain healthy scalp and hair.

How to use

1. Towel-dry the hair after shampooing.

2. Wear the mask and make sure your hair is fully covered. Secure traps around the head for custom fit. 

3. Massage gently with your hand to apply the essence evenly over the head.

4. Remove the hair mask after 20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

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