Product Details

“Delicate and thorough motion like a human band”

By moving up, down, left or right along the skin’s uneven surface,

the 3D Motion vibration head provides more advanced skin care.

“One system”

With a single button, the user can control Jen’y 3D Motion and operate

in any of the three modes

[Galvanic Only Mode, Galvanic & Cooling Mode, and Galvanic & Heating Mode],

depending on the user’s skin condition and desired skin care option.

Also, even users with little knowledge of machines can intuitively know

the currently selected mode from the LED light signal.

This button can be also used to turn the device ON or OFF.

“All in one system”

Since the head part in direct contact with the skin is exposed to bad bacteria

and contaminants, it is difficult to take care of.

Jen’y 3D Motion is designed to run UV sterilization and charging

at the same time once hung on the cradle. It enables cleaner and user-friendly care.

Galvanic ION

It ionizes active ingredients in cosmetics to help them permeate deep into the skin.

Heating ION

It helps active ingredients in cosmetics permeate deep into the skin, and makes blood flow smoothly in the face.

Cooling ION

It tightens your skin and makes your skin rejuvenating through soothing and relieving effects of sensitive or swollen skin.


Micro vibration massage revitalizes the skin by stimulating skin blood flow, and improves skin elasticity.

UV Sterilization

A 99.9% sterilizable UV lamp helps prevent bacterial infections and helps maintain healthy skin.

3D Motion

The head that moves in all directions along the curve of your skin increases the adhesion to the skin, realizing an effective Gua Sha massage.


Model : MDG01

Color : Pearl White or Metal Rose Pink

Launch Date : April 2019

Country of origin : Republic of Korea

Certification : KC, CE, CVC, FCC (SDoC)

In the box : Main device, UV charging cradle, User’s manual Separate accessories (adaptor, USB cable, galvanic massage gel)

Device Size : 45 x 181.5 x 45mm

Device Weight : 125g

Rated Voltage

Input: AC100V ~ 240V, 50 / 60Hz

Output: DC 5V, 1.0A

Main functions : Its galvanic current helps deliver the active ingredients of cosmetics deep into the skin. (Heating galvanic mode, Cooling galvanic mode, Galvanic mode + Vibration massage)

Voice guide : Voice (English) guide for modes

USB charging cradle : USB charging cradle, UV sterilization during charging

Battery life : If used once a day (8 minutes), lasts about 4-5 days

Others : 3D Motion head (Improves your skin’s elasticity, moving along the curve of the skin in full contact with the skin) Head part skin contact safety material (titanium)

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Company Name : MIDM Inc.
Homepage :
Tel : +82 2-2088-7974
Contact Person : Lee Eun Jung