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[Company Introduction]

ChoisTechnology Co., Ltd. have been maintaining one of the top positions in Korea since we introduced the world-first RF USB wireless presenter, ‘X-pointer’, in January 2002 to control PC without an assistant during a presentation. With this powerful invention, we have many buyers throughout the world including USA, Germany, Japan and other 10 countries. Followed by this successful brand, we also launched another innovative product, ‘Xpointer Mobile’. It allows users to use a Smartphone as a wireless presenter. In 2014, we decided to expand our strength to smart healthcare for medical and sports industries. Now, we are proudly introduced the first and sole Bluetooth Wireless body temperature monitoring thermometer, ‘ThermoSafer’, which obtained Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP) from Korean Food and Drugs Administration(KFDA). With this new invention, ChoisTechnology Co. Ltd. aims to become a global leader in its industry by providing progressive IoT products and utmost customer satisfaction service in the future.

[Product Description]

When a baby is sick, parents have sleepless night to check the baby’s body temperature. With ThermoSafer, parents can finally relax. Simply connect it with a Smartphone and let it perform real-time monitoring. If the baby reaches an abnormal temperature, it will alerts the parents for their attention.

[Product Features]

• High accuracy (± 0.1℃ error at 25℃~65℃)

• Real-time body temperature monitoring

– You can monitoring your baby’s temperature and look after them without waking them up.

• Alarming for an abnormal body temperature

– If the baby has high fever, high temperature alarm will alert you. so you can check baby’s condition.

• Temperature measurement records with graph

-Temperature data is recorded, so helping pediatrician with the diagnosis and treatment. and You can share temperature data with your family, caregivers of baby or pediatrician. (e-mail or Smartphone)

• Using Hypo-allergenic silicon patch

• Operating distance (around 15m)

• The first & sole certified thermometer as a medical device in Korea.

• Support iOS & Android

• Continuous operating time for 14 days

• Color : White

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