Product Details

62 vol% of proper ethanol content that’s harmless to the human body
WellDerma Clean Hand Sanitizer Gel adheres to the optimum level of ethanol content
of 62 vol% and provides hypoallergenic and excellent sterilization effects.
There is no dryness or irritation, even with frequent applications, due to the moisturizing feel of use.

It is hygienic with 99.9% sterilization power
It kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses that cause various infectious diseases.
Through simple and effective cleansing, daily life activities that can’t escape
from germs can be managed in a cleaner condition.

A safe product that received quasi-drug approval
Quasi-drug approval that needs to be checked when purchasing a hand sanitizer
WellDerma’s Clean Hand Sanitizer Gel is a safe product that received quasi-drug approval
and it can be used safely by people of all ages and genders

No worry of the hand sanitizer’s capacity frequently used
Hand sanitizer that is often used. Please use it with large capacity of 500ml without worry.
You can use it at any places such as at home, on the desk of office, people frequently visit
places, etc.

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