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Safe antibacterial + deodorizing + natural scent all in one without any toxic chemical ingredients!

‘27 Herb Spray / 27 Herb Oil’

Taking care of your pillow and duvet cover is as important as using good cosmetics! You’re letting your skin to touch it every day, but you can’t wash it every day? Use this antibacterial herbal spray every day!

Wearing mask and hand washing are not enough to protect against virus and influenza. Simply use our patented 27 Hub Spray for antibacterial and deodorant effects with pure natural oil blend on your cell phones, clothes, shoes or public places where germs can develop.

Public toilets are a bit ‘unhygienic’
Public spaces used by an unspecified number of people, especially public toilets, are susceptible to diseases because they have perfect environment for bacteria such as Escherichia coli to grow. 
Drop a few drops of the herbal oil to wipes or spray it to use the space hygienically with a pleasant scent. 

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