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Our gold products are world renowned finest leather natural materials

(gold 24k purity 99,9%) has been processed into matetrial.

The “Korean brand of liorcortile” which was created by a pure gold plate

(99,9% pure) and luxury leather,

Dared to be a work for your noble qualities that embodies the vallue 

of a new life received it.

The golden character of the “selective reflection of the comb” which is

helpful to the human body, and wealth, “symbol of honor”

a special rich of “Liorcortile” for only one begins.

* In the meantime, the technique has been delivered as a limited 

product leather, through the development of original (pure gold pattern)

a combination of pure gold and leather by replacing design fashion with

luxurious and diverse liorcortile it is a landmark in household goods and

jewelry that can be solved by a unique owner, the workshop material

(pure gold plate) was developed.

Meanwhile by linking with pure gold which can be called the symbol of

wealth and materials such as (leather, textile and fabrics) it is possible 

to commercialize high quality and merchandise and to apply the is very high.

we will give you the best technology in Korea made by craftsman’s workshop

to give to consumers, looks like it’s produced, it’s no different compared to

any other product (Woosukcollection) 

The symbol of the unerside of the pure gold (leather fabric and textile fabrics)

by linking with materials it is unique in domestic and overseas “market economy”

because cultural design of each country is applied, we thinki it’s highly valued 

and contributed to the hard work

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