Product Details

Feature 01

Harmful ingredients are not added, Safe use It is usable from child to adult

Ethylene Glycol / Methylparaben / Petrochemical Propane / 2-Propanol / Chemical components

It keeps moisture since it contains vegetable glycerin.

Family members of various ages, friends and acquaintances may use safely as it contains only harmless ingredients to human body, are contained.

Instead of artificial fragrance, clear and cool aroma scent, selected by international aromatherapist.

Cymbopogon Citratus Leaf Oil Powerful cleaning action, Deodorant / Immune care, Care for respiratory infection

Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil Powerful cleaning action Virus, trouble, immune care Maintenance of skin balance

* It is only limited to properties of raw materials, not product

Feature 02

Clean spray that does not leave traces

Easy to use for various purposes

It is applicable to fabric goods such as clothes, masks, outerwear and mask that were worn outside. Be sure to spray at a distance of about 20cm.

After using electric devices including mobile phones, mouth, keyboards that hands contact very frequently.

Non-washable electronic devices Spray CLEAN MIST to cotton pad and clean conveniently.

inside of the vehicle that are difficult to clean such as steering wheel, seat etc.

Spray to parts of the vehicle that are difficult to clean such as steering wheel, seat, etc.

When using public toilet that is not uncomfortable.

Spray to the parts that are hesitate to contact such as toilet cover, handle, etc. . Then, wipe with tissue lightly to clean.

During going out.

Spray lightly when doing for outdoor activities or using the space where many people utilize.

When using public transportation

For cleanliness, spray after grabbing handles of buses, subways or taxis that are used by many peoples.

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