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The Concept of the products

1. ‘Golden Age’ expresses the king and heavenly horse with patterns of the crown and the    heavenly horse. It Is supposed to give promotion and serenity to the owner and  prevents bad luck during the Three Disasters.

2. ‘Only for You’ contains Phoenix and Lotus that represent conjugal harmony, happiness,  long-life and protection.

3. ‘Queen Sunduk’ contains colorful peony design expressing classical modernism and      courteousness and is offered only to selected modern queens.

 4. ‘Toigye Love Poem’ contains the meaning of eternal  protection for the only love of a life    time.


▪ Fabric : 100% jacquard

▪ Pole : Aluminium

▪ Ribs : FRP

▪ Handle : leather

▪UV blocking 98.07%

▪Water-proof : 790cmH₂O

Designer Sierra Lee’s Collection

Portable, Foldable Umbrella and Parasol

Can be folded in half. Can be used as an umbrella or parasol depending on the weather.

 ▪Safe Manual Locking Mechanism
Used Safe Manual Locking Mechanism in order to prevent jamming of the umbrella.

  ▪High-Quality Leather Handle

High-Quality Leather Handle, Created by putting leather on high-quality hardwood.


Designer “Sierra Lee” Designed this special and beautiful fabric by weaving 100% Jacquard


▪No Decolorization 

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