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Small space aesthetics Lupine furniture

The Ruffino chair is a symbol of relaxation and comfort. The ergonomic design stretches to fit the body when sitting, making it more comfortable and comfortable. It features a wooden frame with a canvas cover and a leather cover for easy sitting. When not in use, the frame is folded and stored in a space. It can be used for various purposes such as a small space in the living room, office, terrace, and cafe. Convenient to move anytime, anywhere, and easy to install and store. Take a break with Lupine, a practical emotional furniture that fits naturally in any space!

ruffino chairs are practical and sensual chairs that are easy to carry and can be used without space restrictions.

Easy cover replacement

Rufino folding armchair is easy to attach and detach, so it is easy to wash and store, and you can easily change the color of the cover to suit your taste.

Please sit down with the cover aligned with the lower part of the chair and the upper part of the back to match the wooden line. Stable and long-term use of the Lupine Chair.

It features a wooden frame with a leather cover of the desired color, allowing you to sit comfortably without a backrest.

Stretched to fit the body, it is comfortable to sit for long.

 1.The Ruffino chair is made of buffalo (buffalo) leather.

Leather has a unique pattern that reveals its life, such as wrinkles, and is made of natural materials such as human skin, which has pores to breathe and adapt itself to temperature. In addition, it does not absorb odors such as dust, animal hair, cigarette smoke, etc., so it is easy to manage and practical, and the advantage is that it can be used for a long period of time more luxuriously and hygienically than a fabric sofa.

2.ruffino chairs use durable North American hardwoods (oak).

Oak wood (oak) is very hard, so it is often used and durable. If you make furniture from oak, it is often used to make furniture because it does not bend well and does not change shape. It is a very stylish solid wood with a natural feel, as it retains the feel of solid wood.

3.ruffino chair uses natural oil for wood, which is a natural vegetable oil.

Teak oil suitable for hard wood (teak, oak, etc.) is a quick-drying wood oil based on natural vegetable oil. It has the effect of improving the water repellency and preventing deformation of the wood, maintaining the beautiful pattern and texture of the wood, and maintaining the subtle luster of the wood surface. In addition, since it is resistant to UV rays and prevents cracking, it is proud of its excellent strength and sturdy wooden chair unlike other companies.

Product name: Leather folding chairs



L / w: 680mm X sh: 430mm xd: 780mm xh: 920mm

M / w: 680mm x sh: 480mm X d: 710mm xh: 790mm

S / w: 570mm x sh: 360mm X d: 590mm xh: 650mm

When folded D: 120mm / (L) H: 1140mm / (M) H: 990mm / (S) H: 820mm


weight: L: 5Kg / M: 4.7Kg / S: 3.3kg


material: Buffalo (buffalo) whole leather, wood (North American oak wood-oak) granulated steel (nickel, chrome, sus (stainless))


color: navy blue, light brown, wine, black, dark brown


Origin: korea Manufacturer: ruffino

※ When using the chair inside and outside, it prevents the tree from cracking. If you purchase a leather cap, we will attach it to you.

Try to use the burlap cover on the wooden frame! Burlap folding armchair to cool your body in summer

Product name: Leather folding stool


Size: w: 580mm X sh: 380mm XD: 580mm


weight: 3.3kg


material: Buffalo (buffalo) whole leather, wood (North American oak wood-oak) granulated steel (nickel, chrome, sus (stainless))


color: navy blue, light brown, wine, black, dark brown


Origin: korea Manufacturer: ruffino

Summer additional product hemp stool

Prevents tree cracking when using the chair inside and outside. If you purchase a leather cap, we will attach it to you. 

Please check the product precautions and maintenance.

Product notes

-Please do not sit over 2 people.

-Make sure you unfold the chair properly and sit down.

-Can withstand up to 100Kg weight.

-Do not spread on curved surfaces outdoors.

-Be careful not to hurt your fingers when folding and unfolding the neck.

※ The color of the product is slightly different when viewed directly on the screen.

Product management method

-Leather is a buffalo skin, so there are no major defects, and it should be stored away from moisture.

-Since it has a stretched part when used for a long time, it must be spread out on the floor and managed.

-If you wipe it once every 6 months with a leather care agent such as oil or wax, you can get better durability and maintain quality for a long time.

-Trees shrink and deform due to changes in humidity, so be careful with humidity.

-When cleaning furniture, you must wipe it with woven cloth, and apply vegetable oil thinly with a soft cloth once every 2-4 years.


Lupino coexists with each other between the consumer and the manufacturer, and Lupino designs and manufactures and sells all product configurations. All Lupino products are commercialized through patent (design registration, design registration, utility model, etc.) test results. We place importance on trust, safety, discrimination, and high-quality price competitive for our customers, and strive to make defect-free products as much as consumers want.

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