Laplace designs the quality product commensurate to the value of convenience and simplicity.
  Laplace is keen to make you to feel your style and taste in everyday life toward the concerns of a number of simple designs in detail.
 The simplicity which never be able to created easily will richer your life.
 You might purchase at first glance because of the design. But the real charm is hidden in a veil of mystery.
  Easy-to-use bag rather than easy-to-produce bag.

Product Details

– Fit up to 15″ laptops

– Waterproof- Size : 430mm X 280(260)mm X 120(100)mm

– Weight : 1kg- Material : Polyester, Leather, Neoprene, E.V.A   

Contact Supplier

Company Name : Laplace Inc.
Homepage :
Tel : +82 7050565227
Contact Person : Cho Yong Ho