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CLIVIA Soft and Comfortable TENCEL™Basic Underpants Cami Shorts

CLIVIA: Feminine Sensibility Layered with Practicality

A Quality Korean Brand with Pride in Comfort

Size Chart

Free: 85-92cm

XL: 92-100cm

Recommended for:

1. Covering panty lines

2. Wearing inside skirts (covering Y-zone), and

3. Exercising 

✔SOFT-TOUCH TENCEL™️FABRIC: A fabric made from next-generation, eco-friendly materials, TENCEL™️naturally suppresses bacterial growth, making it a perfect companion for underwear even to the most sensitive skin. It features the softness of silk, the toughness of polyester, the coolness of linen, the warmth of wool, and the absorbency of cotton, making it the ideal fabric that humankind has dreamed of. See the difference, and feel the comfort of nature yourself!

✔A MUST-HAVE ITEM FOR SUMMERTIME: A versatile wear that can be worn with short skits, uniform skirts and dresses, CLIVIA Soft and Comfortable TENCEL™️Basic Underpants keep you hygienic with excellent absorbency and ventilation. It features an ergonomic design that fits the curvature of the hip, as well as its proprietary 3D pattern which prevents exposure and does not disturb movement

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