Product Details

“AI Skin Master in my hand, Muilli”
: Hand-held Type Device, Real time skin diagnosis through 60xcamera lens and sensor, Mobile application connection management, Massage function based on the atmospheric pressure plasma technology, Personal customized Total Skin Care Solution.

  • Skin Analysis
  • Analyze pore, wrinkle, pigment, oil&moisture balance using 60x camera and multiple sensors.
  • Identify 40 skin types by Lillycover’s own developed algorithm collaborating dermatologist.
  • Mobile application
  • Skin diagnosis result management
  • Provide weather information in real time like humidity, temperature, find dust etc
  • Suggest skin manage method and beauty tips for each skin type
  • Customized mask pack recommendation based on skin type
  • Plasma Treatment
  • Enhance skin absorption
  • Promote skin repair and disinfection
  • Portable and Compact Device
    Take device wherever or Whenever it is.

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