Product Details

Lona Micro Bubble TAP  

– Generating Less than 50㎛ of micro bubble.

– Sterilization Peace of mind for germs.

– Water pressure type Water saving(30%~40%).

– Eco-friendly product that does not need detergent.

– Lenard effect Generating heaps of natural anion.

– Skin Moisturiaing Bio-vitalization.

What is micro bubble?

Micro bubble means extremely tiny bubble with size less than 50㎛ .

Micro bubble is eco-friendly energy source using only water and air,

providing a great sterilization effect. 

Product Features 

Product : Lona Micro Bubble Tap Device

Type : For homes (bathrooms)

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Company Name : MEC
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Tel : +82 328188458
Contact Person : Hyunwoo Kim