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It is designed to be easy to use at home as well as business, so you can easily take professional therapy anywhere you want. When used together with cosmetic products , it will make double effect of cosmetic products.
Far Infrared rays with an emissivity of 92% or more helps blood circulation and lymphatic circulation under the skin to eliminate skin stress and help to release toxins Reduced facial edema, pain and post-operative pain by far-infrared radiation, helping to recover quickly. Far infrared rays from fullerene and strong antioxidant effect, Inducing neutralization and toxin release, improving facial contour and improving skin tone due to toxin release, skin whitening Effect.

The red light with the added far-infrared wavelength produces a distorted and twisted dermal structure Restores and improves the appearance of fine wrinkles and skin lifting effect. ABS housing with IR module coated with Fullerence mineral and 4 color SMD LED module. It consists of 5 kinds molding and 2 kinds of functional modules.
This is a unique concept skin beauty device that combines the therapeutic effect of each wavelength of LED(RYGB) and cell-reproduction effect.

The IR(infrared-ray) pannel heater coated with “Fullerene” shining in Nobel’s chemistry has been added to double the “anti-oxidantphoto-curing effect”.

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