Product Details

Wrinkle Treatment/Skin Tightening – SAY SKIN AURORA+ Helps tighten skin and reduces wrinkles.

 Improve Skin Care Product Absorption – SAY SKIN AURORA+ boosts the absorption of effective ingredients of skin care products to provide strong protection for the dermis.

 Whitening – SAY SKIN AURORA+ improves dull complexion and skin blemishes and provides a strong skin whitening effect.

Trouble Care – SAY SKIN AURORA+ solves problems of skin irritation caused by exposure to pollutants, such as fine dust, once and for all.

Safe & Eco-Friendly Material “Zirconia” – SAY SKIN AURORA+ is made of “Zirconia” the eco-friendly material that is used for dental implants.

“SAY SKIN” is the premium beauty device brand to make your skin stay healthy and beautiful.

Benefits of our SAY SKIN AURORA+
Reducing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity, Whitening and improving skin texture, Making skin troubles get better, Improving cosmetics-absorbing power of skin

Developed for whom
Middle-aged women in their 40s and 50s, who are concerned about skin lifting and wrinkles.

Shape of AURORA+
Designed in a long BODY with the optimum grip, enabling care in all areas of the body that are not easily touched, such as neck, nape of neck or collarbone

Material of head “ZIRCONIA”
Eco-friendly material that is harmless to humans, Reduces thermal sensation generating on rubbing down the skin with a cold feeling such like a ceramic

What’s in the giftbox
SAY SKIN AURORA+ Device, USB Charging Cable, USB Charger, Device Pouch, User Manual, Simple Manual. Made in South Korea.

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Contact Person : Choi Sung Kyung