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BEFINE’s TASCA POUCH has been developed with a pefectly protective feature and a refined design exclusively for APPLE MacBook Pro 13″ with/without Touch Bar and Touch ID / MOCROSOFT Surface Pro / SAMSUNG NOTEBOOK 9 Series 13″ / LG gram 13″.

– Safe solution for storing your device


– Fastidiously selected materials

– Handmade in the entire process using craftsmanship

– Finely finished for solidity

– Using ‘suede’ as material lining to cushion the impact

– Slim and lightweight

– The cult of simplicity

– Using real cowhide for exclusivity


Any wrinkles, specks and scratches on the leather can be found. It is the natural characteristics of cowhide, not a defective.
This is the high quality handmade products with premium materials. Entire process is to be done by our craftsman’s hands.
To meet the exacting standards, we do make small quantity with our utmost sincerity. We do not mass produce it.

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Company Name : BEFINE
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Tel : +82 7088746001
Contact Person : Bruce Lee