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VITALBRA Breast care massager uses both VACUUM pressure and TENS(low frequency) massagers to improve the volume and elasticity of the Breast.This is a breast care device that only controls the device and manages the breast to create a beautiful and healthy breast.A power VACUUM pressure of 30to75mmhg can be used steo nby step depending on the skin sensitivity. Create low frequency (TENS) massagers are relieve breast stiffness and mastitis and make healthy and soft breast.

The breast volume increase effect of the VACUUM pressure has alreadly been recognized by the US FDA.

A patented,very low hardness,thin silicone protective film prevents pressure from being applied directly to the breast and evenly distributes the pressure to prevents side effects such as blood clots.It also helps to make a pretty breast shape beacause it holds the breast as a whole.

Customized breast massager in two sizes
Small size –27211590mm(BRA. A-B CUP)
Large size–28716694mm(C-D CUP)

This product is made in two sizes and can be used by anyone regardless of breast volume or body shape.

Product Composition are VITALBRA dome,Controller,User manual and Certificate of authenticity,5 pin charge port.

Dome weight –380G

Rated voltage–DC 4.2-3.6V

Material –silicon,PCB,Conductive pad.

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