Product Details

Bu:tiPure Hair Color
: Pretty simple to make Hair Coloring !

On a special day, when we need a change in our looks, especially when it comes to hair color, this is the answer!

Bu:tiPure is going to make you stand out in various colors of your choice!


  1. Convenient &Easy to Use
  2. Temporary type: One-day Performance & Washes out easily with shampoo
  • it means that after application on your hair, whenever you want your hair to recover, you can wash it outwith shampoo easily.
    Your hair recovers almost instantly.
  1. Sparkling Effect & Clear Performance in your Hair
  • It doesn’t leave a stain with hair.
  1. Improved Water Resistance
  2. No damage in hair & Essence care

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Company Name :  1004 LABORATORY
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Tel : +82 03180607474
Contact Person : PARK SUN YOUNG