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– Lilibet black tea base Earl Grey is concentrate liquid type.   This black tea base delivers a fragrant bergamot flavor with an irresistible originally black tea’s taste. 

– We have reduced sugar absorption in the body using xylose sugar.  * This product is sweet taste model. We’re also manufacturing the light sugar model. 

– We don’t use any preservatives.  You can make really delicious milk tea with a small amount of 30g. 

– How to drink?  Put Suitable amount of “Lilibet Black tea base” in to a cup and pour milk or water.  You can enjoy hot or ice drinks. 

– Product size (width × height): 6.5cm × 21.8cm – Net weight: 550g 

– Expiry Date: 1 year from date of manufacture 

– Storage : storage at room temperature (refrigerate after unsealing)

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