Product Details

●Differentiated technology

  • Differentiation from other products through patents
    Through Gugija (a matrimony vine)’s fermentation patent, production of products is carried out based on the technology of our company which is not possessed by other companies.
  • Certification of anti-hair-loss products by registering quasi-drugs to FDA
  • Cheonma (Gastrodia) cream technology: Nano liposome
    Increases skin absorption by making the skin absorbing ingredient nano size of 1/100,000 of the thickness of hair

●Product Features

  • Natural botanical shampoo
    Botanical extract nourishes the scalp and effectively removes sebum from the scalp to clean around the pores
  • Rich foam particles
  • Components that stimulate scalp bioactivity
    The botanical ingredients and vitamins help the scalp’s physiological activity and improve the scalp environment, making it healthier for hair follicles weakened due to stress.

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Contact Person : JongBeom Ku