Product Details


  1. Hair ampoule that contains ceramide ingredients that has hardening cement effect to the keratin,
    phospholipid and collagen components that’s between the cuticle layer and the cortex layer.
  2. The vegetable oil coats the cuticle layer to strengthens cuticle
    and cortex layer surface to provide and maintain the moisture.
  3. Contains ceramide and collagen ingredients to create and maintain healthy and smooth hair.
  4. Contains a lot of moisturizing agent and amino acid to prevent damages caused
    by moisture evaporation from the hair and maintain moist hair.

13ml * 10pcs

How to use

  1. After shampooing remove excess moisture left on the hair with your hands.
  2. Apply and massage the ampoule throughout the hair.
    (Because of Self-Emulsion Effect the liquid ampoule is transformed into a treatment formula,
    which makes it easy to massage the hair.)
  3. After 5 ~ 10 minutes massage, rinse with warm water.

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