Product Details

Product name : AQUA DE FOLLI Hair booster

Product use : Scalp care, hair care for Hair loss

Composition & Volume : 15mL ampoule x4, syringe application x4 (for 1month)

We strives to resolve the global aging problem through organ regeneration and compression of morbidity. We make every effort to provide a better life for the humanity. Aqua De Folli focuses on stimulating the hair growth and regenerating the hair follicle.

In modern days, alopecia (hair loss) is the main cause that triggers the stress. Now, we provide a total solution by strengthening the hair and healthy scalp environment to restore one’s self-confidence.

  • Summary

1.Scalp care ampoule for daily home care.
2.Contains 20 scalp active peptides and growth factors.
3.Complete skin irritation test

  1. Product Clinical Test Results (P&K SKIN RESEARCH CENTER)
    1) Scalp moisturizing increase 2) Scalp oil decrease 3) Scalp keratin decrease 4) Scalp elasticity increase
    5) Scalp Blood circulation increase, hair tensile strength increase 6) Scalp redness (calm) improvement
  2. Self-use test results confirm hair and scalp improvement

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Company Name : ROKIT Healthcare
Homepage :
Tel : +82 028650182
Contact Person : BAE JUN HYUK