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It is one of cosmetics which consumers use a lot of volumes every day.

Scalp type
There are various facial skin types.
Similar to facial skin, there are also various scalp types.
Depending on the scalp type, the detergency would be different.
So if you think about shampoo launching, please decide scalp type first.

Oily scalp
Excessive sebum makes scalp easy to greasy. This can be called oily scalp.

The consumers who have oily scalp like strong detergency.
They like big and rich bubble of shampoo. So the shampoo focuses cleansing waste and over sebum.

The consumers who have oily scalp like cooling effect with strong detergency.

For oily scalp, fresh scent would suitable with cooling effect.

Dry scalp
Static electricity is easy to occur, the scalp is sensitive and dry,

Strong detergency would make worse dry scalp. The detergency should be normal or weak.

With detergency function, you can ask moisture ingredients.

The subacidity shampoo’s bubble is not big and rich. Also feeling about texture is not good. But it balances oil and moisture of scalp. For dry scalp Yegreena recommend this type of shampoo.

Hair treatment/hair pack
If your consumers concern their messy hair, think about hair treatment/hair pack.
Hair treatment/hair pack contain nutrient like protein.

Hair treatment
Hair treatment helps to recover damaged hair. Hair can be damaged by often permanent or dyeing etc.

Hair pack
Hair pack is similar to hair treatment. But comparing with hair treatment, hair pack has more enriched nutrient, stronger effect.

Depend on texture, there are suitable containers. If you tell Yegreena desired texture and container together, it would be great. But if you have no idead about container, don’t worry. Yegreena would recommend suitable container, too.

MOQ is 5,000 pcs per product.

For your success launching
The more specific your idear, the better the cosmetic.But with your simple idea, contact Yegreena freely. Yegreena would make your dreams come true. And for your success launching, Yegreena provides marketing materials, too.

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