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Premium sea salt ripened for 5 years

A sea salt that has been ripened for 5 years which was adjusted to 5~6% water content using our own drying system in Haeyeareum corporation. 

It is a premium sea salt which contains its original rough textures of mineral through the omission of dehydration or washing stage and only applying the stages to remove the impurities. 

The stage to remove the impurities from the salt is repeated twice until the salt is clean.

1. Premium Mineral Sea Salt [LO] 130g – Thick particle

2. Premium Mineral Sea Salt [LO] 140g – Fine particles

3. Premium Sea Salt [LO] Raspberry 130g

[Raspberry salt]

Low fat and low calorie food with rich vitamin A & C and minerals.

Tannin ingredient prevents the settlement of toxic ingredients and discharge wastes.

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