Product Details

Product Features

► Ingredients: Instant Coffee, Vegetable Cream, Sugar, Red Ginseng Powder

► Package:  100 Sticks in a Package.

                     20 Sticks in a Pacakge.

► Net Weight: 1.2 kg (12 g x 100T)

                    240 g (12g x 20T)

► Type: Coffee Mix

Product Description

►Advanced ingredients such as arabica coffee and differentiated red ginseng raw materials are used to bring out exquisite first encounter between coffee and red ginseng. ►By differentiating between other products and production methods, it is a premium coffee to enjoy the unique taste and aroma of red ginseng coffee.

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Company Name : CNF KOREA CO., LTD
Homepage :
Tel : +82 522397759
Contact Person : Sung Ha Hong