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Rhythmboy Combi2 : For easy user

The brain is stimulated through reaction training
of playing music with rhythm beat

Parenting, Music Diocese, Music Therapy.
The essentials of music sensibility play

Dynamic child and rhythmical child
double sense, double happiness
more sophisticated, bright and sociable

Rhythm, musicality, excitement doubled
New concept of emotional electronic rhythm instrument

Various percussion , Bell , Musical rhythm instrument set substitute,

Animal, bird toy, Child care, educational tools, leisure and entertainment

One-touch 32 quad set of instrument combinationcomposed of dozens kinds of various rhythm,percussion and animal, bird sounds in your hand Rhythmboy makes you play and enjoy various rhythm instrument and percussioncarrying with you at any time and any place with 32 one-touch setupmusic instrument combination by genre.
Single play or quad play selectable User can select play mode “Single or quad play ” by function key  *Single mode(custom mode) played with one type of sound or music instrument  *Quad mode played with quad sound or music instrument

4 different rhythm instruments playable simultaneously at quad play Rhythmboy play 4 different sounds with T-sensor. it gives a richer and various  rhythmic effect like concert effect you can play 4 different sound according to 4 differnt actions Shaking, beating on other hand  and  shaking , beating with T-sensor  

World first, various chained rhythm and dual play rhythm  created.Drum and various sounds can be used as a rhythm instrument like the tambourineAnti mechanical sound applied on dual-play rhythm like tambourine

32 step of volume variation 

according to the beat and shake strength. Providing additional wheel volme.  

Charge and use repeatedly. 

Smartphone batterry charger shared,  2-4 hours cotinuous use with 1-2 hour charge 

Automatic power off .

Power cut off when idle 2-3 min 

Various function key .

Quad/single mode selection, Key lock/unlock function for fixed sound

3 watt Power speaker and High quality sound

Various mp3 level of sound support , 8bit/16bit,  8khz- 44khz 

Shock and Drop test passed,  1year guarantee  

Children safety certification approved , Eloctro-magnetic safety approved in korea 

Product Size: 21cm(length) x 5.4cm (thickness) x 120g  

Box size: 25.3cm(Width) x 9.7cm(Depth) x 6cm(Height)   

The box includes  product , manual ,pocket ,mini usb charging cable 

Made in koera                                 

*Key no 1,2,3,4,5,6 is One-Touch button of selecting various rhythm Combination as genre                                                                                        Each key has 4 step of quad set  rhythm combination                                                           matching well together at quad play                                                           and various rhythmic sound at single play

Easy one-touch quad set of rhythm instrument at key 1-6 when quad-play mode

Rhythm sounds at key 1-6 when single-play mode


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