Product Details

Winetz sensor is comprised of door sensor and station. When a shock or theintention of door intrusion is detected, the door sensor lights up the LED andthe station makes a sound, notifying the danger.

Winetz Sensor
. Model Name : NS-SE-001
. Lights : Multi-color LED
. Product Size : 41mm*63mm*20mm
. Rated Voltage : Coin cell battery
. Power Consumption : Less than 1W
. Battery Usage : 1 year+ (varies on the usage)

Winetz Station
. Model Name : NS-ST-001
. Lights : Multi-color LED
. Product Size : 133mm*91mm*31mm
. Rated Voltage : DC 5V (Samrt phone charger)
. Power Consumption : Less than 1W

Key Technology

– Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE)
The Winetz door sensor can be used approximately for 1 year withjust one coin cell battery, in 24hour real-time monitoring based.

– Mesh Network
In the case of BLE, we have solved the existing problem of the
limitations on the transmission distance occurred due to the physical
disturbance. Hence, with the installation of another transmitter or
receiver in between the transmitter and the receiver, the transmission
distance can be extended with the relay form.

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