Product Details

  1. Explanation of Product:

Cam.G Plus is your safety helper. Take it anywhere and make it safe for you. Cam.G Plus is your portable security device with intrusion detection and signal transmission, carbon monoxide detection alarm, the ultrasonic for mosquito control, convenient temperature and humidity control for camping, LED lights for safety, monitoring control with our special App to oversee the status of tent, emergency alarm

  1. Description & Characteristics:
    (1) The use of CAM.G PLUS –
    1) Outdoor activity (Travel, Camping, Fishing, Hiking)
    2) Home guard for small family
    3) Warehouse, Farm
    (2) Function
    1) Intrusion detection alarm
    2) Carbon monoxide alarm
    3) The ultrasonic for mosquito control
    4) Humidity/Temperature monitoring
    5) The LED of 3 step
    6) Emergency bell
  2. Selling Point and Reference:
    Competitive products are individual(separated) products that use functions such as carbon monoxide alarm, intrusion alarm, ultrasonic eradication, LED safety light, emergency bell, etc. as an individual function rather than a fusion function such as Cam.G Plus. Except for expensive industrial products, most of these devices used in the field of life are low-performance and low-spec products, and there is a disadvantage in that they are bulky because each product must be packed for each function.
  3. Distribution Channel:
    Overseas outdoor and household goods specialty mall, vendor
  4. Main Customer:
    We are in close consultation with Smartwaresgroup in the Netherlands, Foresight in Japan and Fukumi in Japan on business conditions and processes.
  5. Type of Targeting Buyers:
    Japan, Europe, North America, Oceania’s portable security IoT expert distribution agent, vendor, online and offline marketing platform, etc.
  6. Competitors(Domestic / Overseas):
    Kolon (Smart Tent), Honeywell (Carbon Monoxide Alarm), Made in China (Anti-theft Alarm), etc. * Competitive products that provide the same functions as Cam.G Plus are not on the market.
  7. Certification:
    KC (Korea), MIC (Japan)
  8. Product Keywords:
    Cam.G Plus, portable security safety device, carbon monoxide, burglar alarm, mosquito repellent, lantern, thermo-hygrometer, camping equipment, etc.

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