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  1. Introduction of potato shampoo
    Potato shampoo lowers the scalp heat that causes scalp trouble using cold nature.
    Potato shampoo is chemical free so good to oily scalp / itchy scalp
    Potato shampoo is good for removing dandruff, itching, oily hair and stoping the hair from falling out
  2. Efficacy of Potato
    *Sedationof Potato > for trouble skin, tanned skin by the strong sunlight
  • Adsorptive power of Potato > for removing skin wastes, sebum, shirinking pores, and exfoliation
  • Nutrition of Potato plus Oriental medicine as it is
  • Moisturizing effect of Potato plus Oriental medicine
  1. Reasons why you have to choose ‘Vidansaeng’
    ** Vidansaeng makes 100% natural potatoes into microscopic particles so that potato’s effectiveness absorb to skin properly

** Plentiful oriental medicine extract; more than 50%

  • Vidansaeng maximizes effects of potato powder and extract from oriental medicine through methods of making, eliminating oil and emulsifier
  • Vidansaeng can concentrate highly enriched oriental medicine during steaming process
    ** All in one – Vidansaeng relieves the pain of various problems through utilizing oriental herbal medicine extract, so you don’t need to use other care products

** Difference between shampoo base
– Vidansaeng consists of potato power, oriental medicine extract, and a surfactant

  • Vidansaeng does not use oil and emulsifier so hair comes clear and hair’s abundant volume is maintained long

** Our shampoo is different from other existing products

  • Vidansaeng less damages the scalp and hair than other products because of Vidansaeng’s fine particles

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