Product Details

▶Product Lines

– Color contact lenses : 1tone, 2tone, 3tone, circle (Over 2,000 designs)

– Clear Lenses : daily, monthly, yearly 

– Fantasy (Crazy/ Halloween) Lenses

▶Package: Vial (Glass bottle), Blister (Plastic pack)

▶Certificate: USA FDA 510(k), KFDA, CFDA, JFDA, CE, ISO 9001 13485, GOST-R, ANVISA etc

▶Technology: All of our color contact lens is manufactured by special method called “Plusierus” which we hold a patent for. It keeps the eyes safe and comfortable from the coloring material. The main point is the coated pigments are embedded between layers and sealed completely. Therefore, this method is much safer than normal sandwich method for eyes.

▶One day, Monthly~ Yearly lens

▶Color lens of DREAMCON

-BC: 8.60

-DIA: 14.0~14.5

-WC: 38~42% (Polyhema)

-Power range&Step: 

S-0.50~-5.00 (0.25 Step)

S-5.50~-8.00(0.50 Step)

-Technology: Casting Mold

▶Clear lens of DREAMCON

-BC: 8.60

-DIA: 14.0~14.2

-WC: 38~42% (Polyhema)

-Power range&Step: 

S-0.50~-5.50 (0.25 Step)

S-5.50~-20.00(0.50 Step)

-Technology: Casting Mold

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Contact Person : Kim Yeong Gyu