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UINLUI eco-friendly baby tableware

Made with babies, moms and nature in mind

Eco baby-tableware made from vegetable coconut shells
This product and package are all ECO FRIENDLY, which decompose naturally in the environment when they have finished their useful life.

UINLU’s all products Durable for all conditions!
UINLUI tableware is easy to use and convenient.
1. Boiling water sterilization
    Safe to sterilize in boiling water
2. Keeping in the fridge/freezer
3. Dishwasher
    Easy washing with dishwasher
4. Microwave
    Warm up in the microwave (Within 2 minutes recommended)

Standards of desirable baby tableware
UINLUI baby plates and bowls can be fixed on the table and it helps infants and toddlers have the self-directed eating habit.

The first time for baby tableware to contain multi-biodegradable additive (T-MBA) that can make it decompose naturally in the environment when discharged

Suction Angel bowl

This detachable bowl is securely fastened to the table so that the bowl does not move and helps the child to eat his or her own.

“Angel bowl” has two advantages.
Perfectly fixed to the table – Superior adsorption power
This is a detachable silicone suction plate that can be attached to the baby table. You do not have to worry about overtaking the food by attaching a baby food plate to the table.

• Everything is possible
 Disinfection is possible with safe boiling water, refrigeration and freezing are also possible. It can be easily cleaned with dishwasher and it is also convenient to use for heating by microwave oven.

• The bowl is inclined about 5 degrees, so kids can eat all the food prepared inside the plate.

• Details

 Components : Baby Bowl + detachable plate

 Material : Coconut based TECO PLASTIC with T-MBA , Silicon

 Size : 5.8in(147mm) X 5.8in(147mm) X 2.6in(67mm)

 Color : Red, Yellow, Aqua-Blue, Lime-Green.

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