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Amazing Collagen Scalp Shampoo 500ml

Product Details

Contains low-molecular weight collagen and natural ingredients for sensitive consumers’ scalp shampoo

Product features

  1. Safe ingredients
    Hydrolyzed collagen, patented ingredients, 14Natural ingredients and the most of ingredients score 1~2 E.W.G green score
  2. Free from 20 harmful ingredients.
  3. Natural fragrance of lemon glass
  4. Slightly acidic shampoo for water and oil balance
  5. 5basic principal of scalp care
    1) Clean Scalp –Hypoallergenic deep cleansing shampoo
    2) Oil & water balance- Slightly acidic shampoo
    3) Nutrition supply-Nutrition shampoo
    4) Soothing effect-Soothing shampoo
    5) Safe ingredients-safe shampoo

Contact Supplier

Company Name : Sooho Global
Homepage :
Tel : +82 07082237445
Contact Person : Lee SooJeong

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