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[CAREPRIN Shoes Foam Cleaner]
Hassle-Free cleaning!
Shoes Foam Cleaner is a foam type shoe cleaner to effective cleaning without water. It’s convenient and easy to clean anywhere in the office, school or home. Easily remove stains and dirt!
Easy to use, Excellent cleaning power, Non-Toxic Product
How are you washing your shoes? Shoes need a cleaning routine to it gets dirt and stains easily. Have you used costly shoe laundry service or cleaning yourself the hassle? Now you can take care of your shoes with CAREPRIN Shoes Foam Cleaner. It is recommended for following customers quickly and easily
White shoes lover who wants to keep them clean
For active children People don’t want to be bothered with shoe cleaning
People who get dirty shoes often
No extra pay for shoe cleaning service
No water needed CAREPRIN shoes foam cleaner

POINT01. Easy to use
Apply on dirty part of the shoe! 1. Apply 2. Rub 3. Wipe and it’s done!
Keeping your shoe as brand new one without washing the entire shoe!
Use it without worrying about drying your shoes!

POINT02 Excellent cleaning power
It penetrates into the fibers of your shoes, removes dirt and other stains
Water, Shoes foam cleaner, Stain on shoes, Other Stains
Washing in water / Using shoes foam cleaner
It keeps shoes clean by removing extra-stubborn spots and stains in water.
Suitable for use on all types of sneakers, golf/ soccer shoes.
It can be used for mesh or canvas shoes but washing in water is required since they are made of highly absorbent material.
Unavailable material: Suede, Nubuck, Natural leather
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POINT03 Safe use without toxic chemicals
Safe tested, non-toxic,
Safe use with chemical tested by certified laboratory.
No harmful chemicals included such as CMIT/MIT(toxic disinfectant for humidifiers), Tetrachloroethylene, Trichloroethylene , Formaldehyde, Benzene, Arsenic
Tested product by Korea Conformity Laboratories / CMIT/MIT was tested

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