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Based on our abundant experience in developing and designing products of ODM for 30 years, our company has launched the new paradigm of new outdoor, leisure and camping culture in 2017.

The “EZ Dome House” made by our Easy Dome Korea is a prefabricated outdoor space that can be assembled and disassembled in about 1 hour, by 2 adult men basically.

According to the user’s needs, it is a versatile multi-purpose product which can be used for camping, temporary housing space, farmhouse, warehouse, shelter, bungalow, etc. Infinite multi-purpose product, the panel made of double structure “HDPE” and is made of non-toxic, eco-friendly materials that are semi-permanent and totally non-toxic.

It also has a patented structure that completely blocks the leakage, making it perfect space and comfort from rain and snow. We have developed a new paradigm of culture, such as outdoor recreation facilities and camping, in future, which has completely differentiated from existing tent and metal materials.

■ EZ Dome House

Light price (price about 1/10 compared with caravan, camper van, etc.)

Quick installation(2adult male:40~60 minutes assembly, disassembly available)

Excellent durability (high density polyethylene material, very strong in flame and cold resistance)

Optimum indoor environment (windows and shading loops (transparent and translucent), natural ventilation system installed as standard)

Superior thermal insulation (solid material, excellent insulation and keeping warm compared to tent, shelter,.. etc.)

It has a bonding structure and an assembly patent (the patent-pending bonding structure of the tile is completely shut off the external leakage)

■ Why Dom House?
Convection due to smooth air circulation enables optimum energy saving.
It is extremely robust because it has a very low wind resistance structure.
It is resistant to external pressure and shock, and is resistant to vibration such as earthquake.
It is a form of strong structure specializing in natural disasters even in famous media and various reports abroad.

■ Where is the EZ Dome House used?

  1. Camping, Forest bathing, Glamorous camping. Simple accommodation.
  2. Farmhouse, Shelter
  3. Beach, Fishing, Bungalow
  4. Special education room of preschool
  5. Second house, Weekend farm
  6. Disaster house, Shelter
  7. Cafe and terrace (Separate tea table spaces or smoking booths)

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