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STAR’s TECH ECO-ST is an eco-friendly deicer made with predatory starfish, a marine bio-waste. Our technology is the result and hard work of scientists and developers from Seoul National University. Our eco-friendly product outperforms competitors and other materials
used in removing snow, ice or frost from a surface. STAR’s Tech ECO-ST offers the best comprehensive solution of competitive deicers that reduces significant infrastructure and personal property damage to concrete, metal and plant necrosis while providing outstanding deicing performance.

 The new paradigm for de-icer has arrived. 
STAR’s TECH has developed ECO-ST as the most complete solution to the numerous
environmental problems of winter De-icers. The vision of STAR’s TECH is to create Social
Values based on Innovative Technology. 

De-icer is a necessity during the winter, but it does cause great economic and environmental damage to our society including concrete damage, car corrosions, porthole, pets paw burns, and respiratory problems caused by dust. Various de-icing products have been produced under the slogan ‘eco-friendly’, but they had functional limitations.

Consequently, using these products has caused unavoidable yet significant environmental damage. The chloride ion,a byproduct of sodium chloride(Road Salt) and calcium chloride, is the main culprit responsible for most damage.

 STAR’s TECH extracts Porous Structure from Starfish. STAR’s TECH’s Innovative Technology
starts with the Porous Structure. 

Let us show how STAR’s TECH “Save the Environment with Renewable Bio-Waste”

We keep the chloride ions in the porous structure through electrostatic attraction. Since the porous structure(porous calcium carbonate) is electrically polarized, when unstable chlorideion is formed during the de-icing process, through chemical stabilization, the porous structure adsorbs chloride ion in order to make chemical equilibrium. The chloride ion becomes aproblem when it is in high concentration and porous structure plays the role of controlling
chloride ion in the right amount.

As a result, ECO-ST can provide solutions to environmental problems caused by chloride ions.

 Existing eco-friendly de-icers cause algae bloom in Water Eco-system due to the high usage of corrosion inhibitors. Corrosion inhibitors also be inactivated due to sedimentation or a build-up of micelle and results in an exposure of the surface of the steel.

The porous structure of ECO-ST stores corrosion inhibitors to prevent sedimentation and making micelle. After that, structure releases them to replenish an exposed surface and protect steel surface perfectly. This is the storage-release mechanism.  

As a result, ECO-ST is 30 times more efficient in corrosion inhibits rate with only using one-third of corrosion inhibitors compared to other eco-friendly products.

ECO-ST is manufactured with Bead type instead of common Flake Type. On that Bead, we coated with a special Coating agent with porous structure and other ingredients. This makes the difference from other existing de-icers.

The special coating bead type makes it easier to penetrate into snow and ice. This maximizes melting Performance by 166% compared with road salt. Also, the special coating bead type is Dust-Free, so it doesn’t cause a fatal respiratory disease for kids.

Not only this, the specially coated bead does not easily stick to the pet paws and even if they stick, the special coating minimizes paw burns.

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