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AQUA SOLUTION is a hydrating skin care for moist and vital skin.
Helps offer moisturizing on the skin for a long time and reinforce the dry and sensitive skin barrier from the fluid type with abundant moisture and nutrition that helps retaining the moisture into the skin deeply and closely.

Intensive hydrating care system for dry and rough skin


  1. Hybrid Water Fluid Gel Cleanser – Hydrating Foam Cleanser 140ml
  2. Hybrid Water Fluid Toner – Hydrating Toner/Mist 140ml
  3. Hybrid Water Fluid Serum – Moisturizer 50ml
  4. Hybrid Water Fluid Cream – Hydrating Cream 50ml
  5. Inten-Cure Hydro Complex Ampoule – Moisturizing Ampoule 50ml

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