Product Details

  1. Unaffected by Radio Disturbances!
    DIGITAL SEXTANT determines the ship current position by measuring the altitude angle of one out of total 67 celestial objects including 57 navigational stars and solar system stars, whereas all existing ships use GPS navigation system based on satellite positioning system that has fatal weakness in radio disturbances.

DIGITAL SEXTANT is not affected by any radio disturbance like jamming.

  1. No Need Charts & Other Calculation Tools!
    The Electronic Device attached on DIGITAL SEXTANT was developed by our company for the first time in the world in 2018 to automate all processes needed to identify the ship&&’39;39;s current position when using the traditional marine sextant.
    The client doesn’t need almanac calendar, celestial tables, floating sheet or charts, triangles, divider or compass any more to check the ship&&’39;39;s position if he equips DIGITAL SEXTANT on his ship because we embedded 30-year almanac information in the Electronic Device.
    The client just needs to input the altitude angle of one of 67 celestial objects measured with traditional sextant on the Electronic Device, then the Electronic Device very quickly shows the ship position at sea.
  2. Best Solution for the Failure of GPS Navigation System!
    We are sure that DIGITAL SEXTANT is the best solution for the sudden failure or malfunction of GPS navigation system and it can play a reliable role as the safeguard for ships.

Manufacturer : LEEYOUNG SND Co.,Ltd.
Model : DS-10
Manufacturing Country : South Korea
Size : 270mm x 220mm x 160mm
Weight : 1.9kg
Payment terms : T/T, irrevocable L/C at sight
Delivery terms : FOB Korean port(negotiable)

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Contact Person : Jay Park