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HIDEHERE would like to give pleasure to many people around the world with reasonable prices, or a cheap price, for a better products with only investment for quality instead of unnecessary pretension.
HIDEHERE is wearing a new concept of spout pouch, breaking away from cosmetics containers that are not really important to keep the well-organized good ingredients intact while lowering the price of expensive cosmetics
This ‘light’ product that breaks away from heavy containers will lead not only the cosmetics market, but also a new lifestyle where important things are more important.


  • HIDEHERE Hyaluron Essence
    wrinkle-improving functional cosmetics
    A natural moisturizing factorr(N.M.F), sodium hyaluronate, and green tea, aloe vera leaves and other plant extracts supply nutrition and moisture to skin. It is a highly moisturizing essence that gives a radiant, clear skin.
  • HIDEHERE Hyaluron Eye Cream
    Wrinkle-improving functional cosmetics
    A natural moisturizing factor(N.M.F) such as sodium hyaluronate, argan kernel oil and vegetable squalane, provides moisture and nourishment to the eyes, and is a functional moisturizing wrinkle-reducing product that calms the skin.
  • HIDEHERE Hyaluron Cream
    wrinkle-improving functional cosmetics
    It is a wrinkle-improving, whitening functional product. Sodium hyaluronate, peptides are gentle on the skin and moisturizes the skin. Olive and jojoba seed oils keep the skin moisturized.
  • HIDEHERE UV Sun Protector
    UV protection functional cosmetics
    Ultraviolet UVA • B is blocked at the same time to protect and calm the skin from intense sun. Natural moisturizing factor (N.M.F) helps moisturize and moisturize rough, dry skin. It is also a refreshing type of sun block that can not be easily removed by sweat or water.
  • HIDEHERE Hyaluron BB Cream
    Base make-up cosmetics
    Soft touch makes skin tone evenly and naturally covers skin defects. In addition, the natural moisturizing factor (N.M.F) sodium hyaluronate ingredient gives moisture and vitality to the skin and is not easily removed by sweat or water.
  • HIDEHERE Britening Tone Up Cream
    wrinkle-improving functional cosmetics
    This tone-up cream will immediately brighten up your skin as soon as applied. Kalamine Minerals Provide Unique and Bright Skin.

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