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VITA365 – Vitamin Shower Filter
Soft and moisturing vitamin shower!

Is it OK if there are impurities and residual chlorine in tap water?
Residual chlorine in tap water can pose risk to health.
And old water pipes contain rust and heavy metals.

Tap water all of my family use we need clean, healthy water.
Choice for skin and hair, removal of residual chlorine is important.

Is your skin sensitive?
Do you want good water for your skin and hair?

VITA365 shower filter can help you stop worring about water quality.

VITA365 shower filter has six effects as follows;

  1. Chlorine removed for skin protection : It keeps your skin and hair safe from residual chlorine in tap water.
  2. Vitamin C for skin beauty : Vitamin C helps healthy and firm and skin and hair.
  3. Aroma therapy for four scents : Aromatherapy for mental and physical relaxation.
  4. Milk ingredient for skin moisturing : Milk makes your skin softer.
  5. Moisturization for moist skin : The moisturizing ingredients leave your skin hydrated after shower.
  6. Simple installtion for standards compatability : Easy to put on the shower head at home.

Specification •Product Name : VITA365
• Usage : shower
• Weight : 170g (vitamin cartridge 80g)
• Filter : Vitamin C/Powder milk/Moisturizer
• Temperature for Use : 40 – 50°C
• The amount of Use : If used 120 Liter per day, 60 days available
• Warranty : 2 years from the date of manufacture
• Pressure for Use : 1 – 4 kgf/cm2
• Origin : Korea
• Manufacturer : IONWATER

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Company Name : IONWATER
Homepage :
Tel : +82 0318812115
Contact Person : Han Hui Seok