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Fat Burning Premium PPC Ampoule Oil with concentrated 5000PPM Phosphatidylcholine

The high concentration of PPC formula of up to 5,000 PPM helps contour the smooth and toned body lines by delivering the thermal energy to subcutaneous fat and breaking down the stubborn fat cells. Natural PPC Ampoule contains 0% of mineral oil for longer-lasting thermal effects.

  1. Genuine ‘fat-dissolving’ formula – Phosphatidyl Choline that improves the appearance of visible cellulite.

Our PPC oil is widely used both in the aesthetics/weight management shop as a post-treatment care or at home for personal care methods. To maximize the fat burning thermal effect, use after the RF device treatment.

  1. Suitable for sensitive skin type since it doesn’t contain mineral oils -“allergy-free”

Its non-mineral oils component generates deeper heat and delivers thermal energy to underlying fats with longer-lasting effects.

  1. Non-invasive fat removal treatment

Unlike traditional PPC injection therapy, PPC oil therapy is a non-incisional fat removal treatment by using PPC materials directly on the skin surface for its absorption to the skin tissue. As the absorbed PPC formula generates heat in the deep tissue, the fat is gradually dissolved and broken down.

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