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4 functions: Galvanic, Color Therapy, EMS, UVC-LED
Turn on your device for the first time and use step 1: Galvanic + color therapy (5 minutes)
Galvanic Features: When using the Galvanic mode on the device – it has the ability to maximize the absorption of the skin by using the polarity to push out the active ingredient (-ion) of the mask pack. (5 minutes use)
Advantages of Color Therapy (LED Therapy): It is applied to the galvanic mode at the same time, it consists of far infrared rays and visible light, and it helps face cell regeneration due to the heat in far infrared and visible light helps to improve seborrheic acne and skin tone.
Advantages of EMS1: It utilizes the frequency of 0-20Hz to stimulate facial unused muscles to help manage facial elasticity. (5 minutes use)
Advantages of EMS2: It utilizes the frequency of 0-200Hz to stimulate lifting by relaxing the contraction of facial muscles. (Five minutes use)
UVC-LED: When the instrument is not in use, it can be placed on the cradle to sterilize the product electrode for about 3 minutes and reused cleanly and safely.
(Using LG-innotek products)

Other companies’ products must be managed by purchasing one Galvanic Mode, one EMS Mode, and one Color Therapy, but our products can be used on one device (3 in 1) at a time.
The product is light and wireless, can be used while carrying, and can be used for 3 hours when charging 2 hours (about 20 times based on galvanic mode).

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