Product Details

Guljak Topokki Chicken is a company that spreads happiness to people with food.
In a rapidly changing society, food can be a great pleasure for a moment.
We put significant value in daily food so that people can feel and cherish such happiness.
That is the mission of Guljak Topokki Chicken

Guljak Menu
Guljak only insists on selection of trustworthy ingredients.
36 hours of natural drying–rice cake that stays chewy over time
HACCP certified fish cake–use HACCP certified fish cake
99.9 % Natural Cheese–use 99.9 % Natural Cheese to make topokki taste softer
Fresh vegetables–Fresh vegetables transported quickly from the locals

Overseas Branch
Guljak Topokki Chicken has made first few important steps to the global market, to be a leading company as K-Food trend through the Korean wave
Recruiting master franchises overseas such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines

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Company Name : WITHIN FOOD CO.,LTD.
Homepage :
Tel : +82 7050302062
Contact Person : Park yunho