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When an insect bites and itches, Do not scratch, attach Monster Patch on the affected areas.
Bikit Guard Monster Patch is a patented topical patch for treating mosquito poison.
It dissolves infested mosquito poison using only heat, without chemicals or drugs, to relieve itching and swelling.

patent No. 10-1229667
*Non-irritation with nonwoven sticker!
*Registered with the world’s first patent of its kind
*Received the award at International Women’s Invention Exposition
*Received the Daepyeong Nam Jong Hyun Inventions and Culture Award
It resolves the root cause of itchiness!-It produces a slight heat, which is close to human body temperature (about 38℃), alleviating itchiness.
Made out of 100% natural ingredients, it can be used with confidence-It does not contain any chemical ingredients, making it possible to be applied to children or sensitive skin.
Non-irritating nonwoven patch-It does not leave sticky marks when removed and does not irritate the skin. US FDA certification to children. It’s safe to use.


Peel the film on the back of the patch and easily attach it to the application area!-Camping, Playground, Picnic, Preschool
Uses and storage

-Apply when bitten by insects such as mosquiyoes and ants in outdoor activites.
-After use, tightly seal the product and keep the remaining product away from direct sunlight or high temperature.
-It can be harden when stored but used with confidence as it has the same efficacy.

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